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David Mitchell

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“The race for quality has no finish line.”

With that tag line, IVRS will seize opportunities to continue shaping future service delivery systems related to employment services, disability determination and independent living with innovative practices, leadership from all staff, and a focus on service. 

Consistent with our Mission to work for and with individuals who have disabilities to achieve their employment, independence, and economic goals, we will need to proceed by keeping close to our heart our Guiding Principles of: 

  • We are responsive to the unique needs and goals identified by individuals with disabilities.
  • We demonstrate teamwork and cooperation among staff, customers and partners.
  • We operate with trust and integrity.
  • We demonstrate compassion and respect for all people.
  • We value continued improvement and learning.
  • We openly communicate with clarity and consideration.
  • We are results driven.

Using these Guiding Prniciples as a foundation, we are moving foward with a visionof "Making a positive difference for every person, one person at a time." These principles are also consistent with our Disability Determination Services Bureau's vision, of "Best Decision, Every Claimant, Every Time."

Today’s economic climate presents a number of challenges for all of our customers, but IVRS is positioned to be a valued resource as we collaborate with business and industry as well as our community partners in providing services to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.  Key parts of our strategic plan include:  Increased business partnership, improved collaboration with partner agencies, an analysis of work processes that will lead to more effective practices, and identification of strategies to improve communication channels both internal and external to the agency, in order to better engage all of our customers.  With that thought in mind, if you have a comment, idea or a concern to share, please feel free to send me an e-mail by clicking here or on my name to the right on our main page.

During the federal fiscal year of 2014, IVRS placed 2,205 individuals into competitive employment.  These individuals averaged working 32 hours per week and earned on the average $11.88/hour. Approximately $5.3 million was spent on tuition assistance for students in post-secondary training programs to obtain educational or occupational skills training to help complete in today's labor market. Individuals served by IVRS earned $14.6 million more than was spent on the entire VR program, and the State of Iowa receives an average of $326 return on every $100 of state appropriation originally invested in the VR program. IVRS is making a difference and we are committed to finding ways to enhance service delivery. We have a fantastic team of talented and dedicated employees who are providing an array of services to meet the targeted needs of the individuals we are serving.  We are continuing to find ways to improve partnerships and leverage resources to create capacity to serve Iowans with disabilities.

Please take time to explore our web site, as there are a number of tools and resources which we feel are beneficial.

Thank you!

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