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The Ticket to Work program is a federal program for Social Security disability beneficiaries age 18 through 64 who receive SSDI or SSI benefits based on a disability and would like to work. It is designed to provide help and support for those beneficiaries who desire to regain financial independence through employment. The program is free; it is voluntary and offers work incentives that allow benefits to continue during the transition to employment. IVRS partners with other Employment Networks (ENs) to ensure our job candidates receive ongoing services once on the job. Let us help YOU on your employment journey!

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An Introduction to the Ticket to Work Program

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  • Listen to or download the transcript for this episode of Social Security Administration's Ticket Talk to learn about three resources that can help you be successful on your path to financial independence.  

  • This link is sponsored by the AUCD Promise TA Center. AUCD is Association of University Centers on Disabilities.  They are working with six projects across the country called PROMISE Projects. One of the biggest technical assistance resources for the PROMISE projects is the PROMISE TA Center web site. The site contains resources, project success stories, and upcoming conferences and events. It also serves as a mechanism for projects to share materials with one another.

The current and new strategies to enhance our TTW initiative are bulleted below: 

This e-mail is to help trigger a hand-off to an EN partner for follow-up at IVRS closure. The attached document “Ticket to Work Cheat Sheet for IVRS Staff” is attached for complete instructions. Job candidates will appear on this list until closed or moved from status 22-0.  Staff should enter the name of the EN on both the IPE-3 and in IRSS at closure. If further questions, please contact Lee Ann Russo.

The attached Excel document “Status 22s and have a ticket as of 2016-05-01” is a list for your area office and sorted by counselor. Find the tab which has your area office. Please refer to the cheat sheet for status 22-0 instructions.

Rows highlighted in yellow indicate the job candidate has a ticket but $0.00 or $1.00 amounts in IRSS have been entered in the SSI or SSDI.


  • Sending staff an email at ST 22 triggering the need to get a jc’s ticket re-assigned (attached).  Two changes were made in this email: 


    • Staff are requested to hand-off ALL ST 26 closures to an EN partner regardless of SGA amounts, and,
    • Staff should enter the name of the EN on both the IPE-3 and in IRSS 
  • Another strategy has been changing our IPE-2, IPE-3 and IRSS to include this information:    






Please note that a “No” response in the question under TICKET HOLDERS does NOT prevent staff from connecting a jc to an EN partner!  The Employment Network information should be completed regardless of the jc’s answer under TICKET HOLDERS

IRSS was modified last Feb. for staff to insert EN information (shown below). Since that time, the percentage of referrals recorded in IRSS is only 5%! (12 of 214 jc’s with a Ticket).  IVRS will use this percentage as our baseline going forward as staff TTW efforts and tracking continue.    EN INFORMATION SHOULD BE RECORDED IN BOTH IRSS AND THE IPE-3.


  • The final strategy employed by IVRS has been to increase our pool of available partners in which to refer a successful jc at Status 26.  There are many benefits in doing this – for a jc, for IVRS and for an EN partner.  For additional information about EN partners, please refer to the attached doc. 

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